Minimum of 8% return
on investment


Property backed investment opportunities


Interest payments quarterly or compounded monthly


Tailored investment

How can
we help you?

Do you have investments that you are not fully in touch with, e.g your Goal Saver account or Super. Do you know how much interest you are earning on them?

Here is a safe investment opportunity that yields up to 5 times what an average Bank investment yields – from 8% per annum!

You’ve worked hard; let us work to gain you a safe return.

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Our investors say it all

“I am not interested in buying more investment properties and I don’t feel comfortable speculating on the share market. My friend referred me to UCapital. I spoke to my accountant about the investment and decided it was a good opportunity. They haven’t let me down.”


Carol Bleier

Investment amount $100,000

“The UCapital investment opportunity suits my needs. Coming from the business finance industry I feel comfortable investing with UCapital. They pay on time and the rate is good. UCapital is also a great company to deal with. They are transparent friendly and ethical. It’s an investment I can recommend for somebody looking for a better rate than the bank and looking for regular monthly payments.”


Jason Smith

Investment amount $100,000

“I have invested twice with UCapital. I am very happy with the rate and the way they treat me. I feel comfortable recommending the opportunity to other retired individuals.”


Peter van Raalte

Investment amount $150,000

“I have been a finance broker for 32 years and I like the UCapital investment opportunity. They have a strong business helping entrepreneurs succeed where the banks cant. I believe in their product. It also gives me the opportunity to diversify my investment portfolio. I love the monthly payments!”


Garry Steinberg

Investment amount $200,000

“I am a sophisticated investor and hold different personal investments.
U-Capital is owned by two of my sons, Jacques and Maurice. We were together in the same business (different) for their whole working life until I retired. The fact that I have a large amount invested with them is probably one of the best testimonials they can get as I know them very well. I do not know of a better place to invest money. They are very respectful and very trustworthy.”


Izak Pretorius

Investment amount over $1,000,000


UCapital was founded by Maurice and Jacques Pretorius, brothers who grew up working in their family steel business. It’s business more than finance that is in their DNA, which is an important difference between UCapital and traditional capital brokers.

Over the years UCapital built strong relationships with Private Funders in Australia. Particularly in the secured funding space. Similar to the banks, these funders will offer a business loan using the person’s property as security. They are very conservative completing a full audit to measure the health of every company they fund. They also only fund the business up to 70% of the value of the property and always take a registered security interest on the property. UCapital Invest raises capital on behalf of these conservative private funders.

Why Invest with our Private Funders?

  • Supplement regular income
  • Stable and Guaranteed returns
  • Investments are Property backed
  • Ability to easily reinvest
  • Investment transparency
  • Safe investment with high return
  • Being able to compound the interest and receive a higher return
  • Great for SMSF’s